Double-pot three-pot multi-pot parallel type sterilization pot retort autoclave
  •  Double-pot three-pot multi-pot parallel type sterilization pot retort autoclave
  •  Double-pot three-pot multi-pot parallel type sterilization pot retort autoclave
  •  Double-pot three-pot multi-pot parallel type sterilization pot retort autoclave
  •  Double-pot three-pot multi-pot parallel type sterilization pot retort autoclave

Double-pot Three-pot Multi-pot Parallel Type Sterilization Pot Retort Autoclave

MOQ 1 Set Port Qingdao Packaging Standard export plywood case packaging for small machine ,for huge machine will be nude package. Lead Time 15-20 days after get deposit



1.     Short introduction of Multi-pot paralleled type sterilization pot:


There are a lot of other equipped sterilizers such as Multi-pot paralleled type high temperature high pressure sterilization pot, This machine can use only one pot of hot water to supply for several sterilization pot to work at the same time ,also can single pot single control ,save energy, quick and convenient, it suits for mass production .



2.      Application scope:


Mainly suits for Beverage of metal container package and plastic container package, also the soft package of meat food and agricultural products and so on.


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3.      Short introduction of three pot parallel type water bath sterilizer:


Also the three pot parallel type water bath type high temperature high pressure sterilizer

All water immersion sterilization, two sterilizer work with one pot of hot water at the same time, After sterilization processing one pot of food products, the other working pot can inject the high temperature processed water into the hot water tank, reduce the processing water and heat energy consumption, reduce the waiting time, it can increase production capacity by one time compared with double layer sterilizer.


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4. Technical parameters  of three pot parallel type water bath sterilizer :






Tube length(mm)








Compressed air tank (m³)








Air compressor








Water storage tank(m³)










5. Short introduction of two pot parallel type sterilizer:


The two parallel type high temperature high pressure sterilization pot (semi-automatic/full automatic),This machine is developed based on double layer sterilizer ,the capacity is twice of double layer sterilizer, save energy ,clients can reduce the invest cost greatly.

1. Uniform flow exchange method, uniform temperature, no dead Angle.

2. High temperature short time sterilization.

3. High sterilization accuracy.

4. Energy conservation

5. Fully automatic control system.

6. Measure F function.

7. Store sterilization formula.


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6. Application scope of two pot parallel type sterilizer:

  This machine is applicable to all kinds of high temperature resistant packaging materials:

1. Glass container: glass bottle

2. Metal container: tin can for tinplate

3. Aluminum can plastic container: pp bottle and PE bottle

4. Soft bag packaging: aluminum foil bag, transparent bag, vacuum bag, high temperature cooking bag, etc.

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7.  Packaging & Delivery:

  Packaging Details

Standard export plywood case packaging for small machine, for huge machine will be nude package.

Delivery Time

Shipped in 20- 30 days after payment.

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8. Categories of the sterilizers:


There are different categories according to different criteria.

1. Automation degree: manual, semi-automatic, Full-automatic

2. Material: Stainless steel, carbon steel, semi-stainless steel

3. Sterilization method: water bath type, water spray type, steam type

4. Structure:  Single pot sterilization pot, Double-layer sterilizing pot, Double pot parallel type sterilization pot, Three-pot parallel type sterilization pot, Vertical sterilization pot, Electric and steam sterilizing pan, Rotary sterilizing pan.


9. selection principle:


1, mainly from the temperature control precision and choice on the thermal distribution uniformity, if the product temperature is very strict, especially the export products, because the required heat distribution is very uniform, so try to choose the computer automatic sterilization pot.

 2. If the product has a strict requirement for gas packaging or product appearance comparison, the computer should be fully automatic or semi-automatic.

3. If the product is a glass bottle or a tinplate, because the heating and cooling rate are required to be controlled, try not to choose a double-layer sterilizer.

4, if consider from energy saving, can choose double layer sterilization pot, because the top pot is hot water pot, and bottom pot is processing pot, the top pot hot water recycling use can save a large amount of steam, suitable for daily output of more than 10 tons of food production enterprises.

5. If the output is small or there is no boiler, you can consider the use of electric steam amphibious sterilization pot. The principle is that the steam is produced by the electric heating from the bottom tank, and the upper can is sterilized.

6. If the product has a high viscosity, the product needs to be rotated during the sterilization process, and the rotary sterilization pot should be selected.


Above choosing principles are for your kindly reference, you can choose based on your real status and need ,just advise me what product you need to process ? what is the capacity you need to get ?what is your fuel you want to use ? what material you want the sterilizer to be ? then I will work with our technician to give you a good suggestion on which sterilization pot you should buy and the best price, our factory has founded for over 17 years ,have very good quality and quality guarantee system ,just be safe to cooperate with us ,we will provide timely and professional service anytime.


10. Our Services:


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11. Payment:

 T/Please arrange pay us 30% as deposit to begin the bulk production, and for balance, you can pay us after your final inspection and before we book vessel for you.

12. Delivery time:

We will deliver within 20-30 working days after receiving deposit payment.

13. Warranty period:

All our machine is with one year warranty. Within warranty time. Machine breaking caused by machine 

Itself design defect, we are responsible for it .we can provided free charge of breaking part, .If machine 

Breaking caused by human factor, user need take responsibility for it, we will provided technical support.

After one year warranty, we will provide spare parts with reasonable cost.


14. After-sales Service:
1. Before deliver the machine, we will test and adjust everything properly.
2. Once all is done, we will contact customer to make final inspection to our factory, if customer not available, we will make detailed picture for customer to confirm for delivery.
3. Working manual will be provided with the machine, so that clients can use our machine without difficulty.
4. Any problems occur while using, we will provide profession advice and technical support ASAP.
5. Spare parts of the machine is provide whole serving life with reasonable price.


15. Our customer:


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16 .Short introduction of our factory:

Our factory is found in year 2005 and is  main in jacket pot and sterilization equipment product design ,research and development, After years’ efforts ,we have grown to be a very professional supplier for the jacketed pot and sterilization equipment’s in China. Our factory has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and has the national pressure vessel manufacturing qualification (certificate number: TS22372142015), there are more than 100  employees working in our factory and 37 is  senior technical management personnel, our factory covers  an area of more than 13000 square meters and producing workshop area covers about  8000 square meters .Our factory has advanced machining center, automatic welding center and complete set of inspection equipment. Main products are: computer automatic/semi-automatic Double-pot  water bath type sterilization pot , the computer automatic/semi-automatic top spray and side spray type sterilization kettle, rotary autoclave, double door autoclave, and tilting type, fixed vertical, stirring type sandwich cooking pot and so on .these machines  can be widely used in all kinds of meat products, bean products, milk products, egg products, seafood, drinks products, snack food products cooking , sterilization and processing, also be used in agricultural products deep processing and chemical medicine production, etc.By now our machines has exported to many countries such as Korea, Mongolia,Australia, Canada, Indonesia ……, we got highly recognization from these customers ,and would like to export more and more our machines to the foreign countries and build cooperations with more customers, we believe our quality/service will make you feel comfortable and would like build long-term cooperation with us .Give us a chance ,we will give surpise!


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17. If any need for our machines or any questions for our machine, pls kindly contact me as below:


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Zhucheng Xinshunda machinery co.,ltd. offers premium quality Double-pot Three-pot Multi-pot Parallel Type Sterilization Pot Retort Autoclave for B2B importers and distributors worldwide. Zhucheng Xinshunda machinery co.,ltd. is located in China and deals exclusively in the production and export of Food Sterilizer.

Double-pot three-pot multi-pot parallel type sterilization pot retort autoclave Price in China

The price of Double-pot Three-pot Multi-pot Parallel Type Sterilization Pot Retort Autoclave from China is based on the bulk order quantity. Zhucheng Xinshunda machinery co.,ltd. offers flexible prices for Food Sterilizer variations depending on the importing country and quantity.