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Zhucheng Xinshunda machinery co.,ltd. is a well-renowned firm that excels in the manufacturing of top-quality slaughter equipment. We are a corporate of professionals and well-skilled engineers that take all measures to provide our clients with the safest and highly efficient multipurpose machines. We value all our customers in each corner of the world which is why we also make halal abattoir equipment for you. We proudly support different factories by providing them with the best equipment and machines for their slaughterhouses that run for a prolonged time, such as our automatic poultry processing machine that is energy and time-efficient.

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Buyer Guide for Poultry Processing Equipment

Poultry processing is a procedure of preparing meat from different types of birds which is consumed by humans. Turkeys and chicken are the most popular form of poultry. However, other profitable poultry meats that are available come from geese, ducks, pheasants, quails, pigeons, emus, and ostriches.  So now you have thought to upraise and process your chicken meat, the research is done, and you know how the perfect broiler is raised. Now you are getting ready for poultry processing day. It is necessary to be prepared and to get ready all the processing equipment before butchering. You will focus more on how to handle your chickens when all the equipment and tools are already prepared. Fresh Water for Poultry Processing We will discuss other equipment later, but the first thing you need is to have access to water. Some individuals are okay with buckets of water passed to the procession station, but it is more convenient to set up your station right next to a running water source. Water will be used for four things: Washing and cleaning your hands, tools, knives, and the birds. Scalding of the birds, that is, if you are defeathering birds by using a scalder. Water is also used to run a plucker, like if you are going to use an automatic plucker. In washing the carcass, if you de-feathered the bird and then sock in it, you move to the next bird. This process is done to make them cool after scalding is done and later store all of them while working on the remaining flock. So, make your best efforts to get close to a clean water source. It should also be drinkable water, either from a private well or from city water. It must not be water crossed over a garden hose, as they are considered inappropriate for food processing methods. Ice The ice will be used to cool and chill the birds, and you might use it to regulate the temperature of the scalder. At your processing station, you may place it in a cooler.  Soap and Disinfectant You will need soap and disinfectant to wash all the areas where you have done the processing of chicken. This step will ensure the protection of the health and safety of meat consumers. Moreover, it is good to use soaps and sanitizers to wash up and clean between chickens, particularly when you encounter unhealthy chicken that is non-consumable. You have to be careful when cutting internal parts of your chicken as you process the birds. If the organs are cut accidentally, the meat will be contaminated. So, in order to avoid such mishaps, make sure to wash your hands and clean your tools between birds. Sterilizing Equipment You can buy sterilizing machines, or you can also sterilize your equipment or tools yourself. It is convenient to have a sterilizer on hand if you contact any unhealthy bird. Bags, Buckets, and Trash Bins If you have a large flock, it will be better to have access to more trash bags, bins, and buckets. These things are beneficial for catching the blood and keeping the area clean when draining it. Poultry Processing Cones Poultry processing cones are very helpful when cutting the carotid artery or beheading the chicken because they make handling easier by holding the chicken in place when dispatching. It also helps in providing an area to put the carcass. The blood drains out from the body at the same time. Dispatching Aids for Poultry Processing There are a few options to study what you use to dispatch your chicken: Hatchet and Block In this case, you will put the chicken neck between two nails precisely placed on the chopping block and then remove the head from the body. This process is called the beheading method. Cone and Poultry Killing Knife If you chose to cut chickens’ throats, you would need a sharp knife for chicken processing. For this method, ensure proper knife sharpers if you are processing a larger flock. Broomstick Method The broomstick is used as a process of breaking the chicken’s neck. It can be done by using a hand or with the help of a broomstick. Co2 Chamber This method requires a Co2 chamber, gas, and patience for chicken processing. Pellet Gun Pellet gun creates stress for the chicken that causes hormone flow and results in hard meat. It is essential to keep your chicken calm and maintain quality meat. Poultry processing machinery is widely used in many chicken processing sectors. It depends on personal preference whether to choose any of the above methods or tools for processing the chicken.  

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Benefits of Using Poultry Slaughter Accessories

Poultry farming refers to raising domestic birds like geese, ducks, turkeys, and chickens to produce eggs, meat, manure, down, and features. Huge numbers of poultry birds are farmed. Chickens are the most farmed poultry birds. Over fifty billion chickens are raised yearly as a food source for both their eggs and meat. Usually, the chickens farmed for producing eggs are known as layers, whereas chickens farmed for producing meat are known as broilers. Poultry farming is a quite profitable business for those poultry farmers who do it correctly under acceptable conditions and methods favorable for birds. This is because poultry eggs and meat are among the most widely consumed animal-source foods globally, across diverse religions and cultures. Their consumption has rapidly risen in the previous decades. There are several factors responsible for the rising demand for poultry eggs and meat.  These include increasing urbanization, population growth, and increasing incomes in less developed countries. Chicken is the most consumed meat. This is because it has low fat, faces few cultural and religious barriers, and is affordable in general. It is quite likely that the demand for poultry eggs and meat will increase because of increasing individual consumption and the growth of the population. The poultry meat market is expected to rise irrespective of income or region level, with per capita growth a bit greater in less developed countries than in developed countries.  Generally, urban and semi-urban areas residents consume poultry meat and eggs produced by intensive poultry farming systems, either imported or locally produced. The information given above might have lured you towards poultry farming for producing meat as it is enough to tell you that if you set up a poultry farm even for only producing only chicken meat. Then your efforts would not be wasted. With a rise in the demand for chicken in the global market, it is likely mainly that poultry farming would be profitable for you and get a good return on your investment in that poultry farm. You can do so by hiring experienced workers, ensuring the health and proper housing of birds, selling birds with a marketable weight, and employing efficient poultry appliances and equipment. Benefits of Poultry Slaughter Accessories For producing poultry meat, it is necessary to slaughter chickens, birds, geese, and ducks. Therefore, you need to buy poultry slaughtering equipment from a well-known exporter to slaughter poultry birds. The conventional method of slaughtering poultry is comparatively backward; the employment of poultry slaughtering machines for slaughtering poultry has various advantages, which are given below 1 High Automation If you use poultry slaughtering equipment for poultry slaughtering, then the entire poultry slaughtering process will be controlled by a computer, and therefore it will be highly automated. 2 High Efficiency  The conventional poultry slaughtering done by people is quite slow as few people can slaughter a few chickens only. However, by using poultry slaughtering equipment, poultry slaughtering can be very efficiently done faster. In addition to that, poultry slaughter done by poultry slaughter equipment can also save labor costs.  3 Easy to Operate The conventional method of slaughtering poultry is manually slaughtering poultry, which is not easy to do, especially when many chickens need to be slaughtered. Contrary to that, slaughtering poultry with poultry slaughter equipment is easy to do provided that the poultry birds are pulled down beside it and trapped for carrying out the mechanized process. 4 Health The conventional way of slaughtering poultry birds is not healthy. This is because often, the poultry slaughtering staff cannot wash poultry birds, especially when a large number of poultry birds are slaughtered. In addition to that, the poultry slaughtering staff does not follow a quarantine system before slaughtering poultry birds. These two factors can cause health problems. Therefore, it is better to employ poultry slaughter equipment for slaughtering poultry as it follows a complete quarantine system that reduces health problems related to slaughtering poultry.  Briefly, suppose you are running a poultry farming business and need to slaughter poultry birds. In that case, you should consider buying high-quality poultry slaughtering equipment to slaughter poultry in the best possible manner for meeting your business objectives, such as maximization of profits, market share, and sales revenue.      

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