Poultry Slaughter Equipment

Meet The Top-Noch Poultry Slaughter Equipment Manufacturer

Zhucheng Xinshunda machinery co.,ltd. is the leading poultry slaughter equipment supplier in the international market. We have been working in the slaughtering industry for the past 15 years and have gained customer trust and loyalty through our outstanding equipment. Being a poultry slaughter equipment manufacturer, we have made all our machines according to international standards and requirements. Our manufacturing staff is specialized in developing great machines which can improve the productivity and performance. All our equipment is made from stainless steel and has a waterproof switch button for our customers' safety.

Why Choose Us? 

We are a certified poultry slaughter equipment manufacturer with CE/PSE/CCC certificates all these years; our core focus is on our customers' safety and the quality of our machines. Even after purchasing equipment from us, we offer you quality assurance for two years along with that five years of customer service and installation of machines.

Our Most Demanding Poultry Halal Chicken Slaughtering Equipment

If you search for long-lasting slaughtering equipment, you must get it from a well-known poultry slaughter equipment manufacturer. Few of our machines are in huge demand.

Chicken Cutter Machine

This is an assistant machine when the feather is being removed; even after removing the feather, a wax dip is necessary to remove other small feathers from the skin. This cooling pool helps remove wax from the bird's body. The cooling temperature is between 3 to 6 C. This equipment is installed horizontally under the machine.

Feather Removal Machine

It is easy to remove feathers through this machine within a minute. It has a 2200w motor and has a capacity of 4 to 6 medium chickens at a time. These machines are fully automatic; all you need to do is turn on the machine and leave it for 30 seconds. It is suitable for all types of birds like duck, pigeon, turkey, and chicken. You can also turn on the water supply in between the plucking process, as it will help remove feathers quickly. Also, the speed of the machine is adjustable.

Chicken Gizzards Peeler

The peeling of chicken and duck gizzards is done by using this peeling machine. The spiral corrugating roller is rotated by the electric force, achieving the requirement of peeling off a layer of yellow skin from the inside of the chicken and duck gizzards. The poultry slaughter equipment manufacturer makes sure the computer eliminates sluggish manual operation while still increasing productivity.