Poultry Slaughter Equipment

Xinshunda- A leading Poultry Slaughter Equipment Manufacturer

Xinshunda is the best poultry slaughterhouse equipment supplier. We utilize our modernized equipment, skilled workforce, a team of experts, and updated technology to produce high-quality poultry slaughter machines. Please do not worry about the quality of our poultry slaughter machines. This is because our global quality testing unit scrutinizes their quality every day and our global quality testing unit consists of quality examination professionals from across the globe. Our latest machinery and competent workers have helped us offer every high-quality chicken slaughter machine for sale at prices lesser than our business rivals in the automatic chicken slaughtering machine market.

Shop Premium Quality Poultry Slaughter Machines To Grow Your Poultry Business 

As a well-reputed poultry slaughter equipment manufacturer, we have equipped our poultry slaughter equipment with a living poultry bird butchery and bleeding unit. In this unit, poultry birds are automatically slaughtered at a speed of thirteen thousand and five hundred birds per hour. It would be fantastic if you did not ever worry about removing the feathers of the poultry birds while using our poultry slaughter machines. This is because we have offered every chicken slaughter machine for sale after equipping it with a closed-type poultry scalding device that helps remove their feathers. Likewise, please do not worry about removing the claws of the poultry birds you slaughter with our excellent poultry slaughtering machines. This is because as a well-reputed manufacturer, we have installed an automatic claw-removing device in our amazing poultry slaughter machines. It would be fantastic if you did not ever worry about the de-boning and packing of the chickens slaughtered with our excellent poultry slaughtering equipment. This is because we have installed an adequate poultry carcass packing and de-boning unit in every automatic chicken slaughtering machine.

Why Choose Us? 

We are a certified poultry slaughter equipment manufacturer with CE/PSE/CCC certificates all these years; our core focus is on our customers' safety and the quality of our machines. Even after purchasing equipment from us, we offer you quality assurance for two years along with that five years of customer service and installation of machines.

Equip Your Poultry Slaughter Line With The Latest Technology

We pack our highly advanced poultry slaughter machinery in environment-friendly packing so that our packing does not damage the environment which we highly value. Likewise, we utilize eco-friendly manufacturing processes to produce our excellent poultry processing equipment so that we do not damage the atmosphere. Please do not think that you will get orders late from us. This is because as a punctual poultry slaughterhouse equipment supplier, we struggle to meet our delivery deadlines and will thus get our effective poultry slaughter machines supplied to you through our shipping contractor in a very efficient manner.