Chicken Abattoir Equipment

Xinshunda – A Prime Halal Chicken Abattoir Equipment Manufacturer

Running a professional business of slaughtering equipment is the main forte of Zhucheng Xinshunda machinery co.,ltd. Being a halal chicken abattoir equipment supplier for the past 15 years, we have gained our customer’s trust with the help of experienced engineers, who don't only know how to design the 300BPH to 12000BPH poultry slaughter line but also know how to supply meat processing machines worldwide. 

What Do We Offer? 

As a halal chicken abattoir equipment manufacturer, we are offering a few of the services mentioned below:

1. Slaughter and Cutting Line:

Leader in equipment design, Xinshunda is striving to improve its services in slaughter and cutting lines and effectively meet clients' demands. 

2. Health and Food Safety Requirements:

We know, many of the china poultry abattoir equipment are not manufactured with the health measures and safety requirements. However, at our company, we take extra steps to keep the standards maintained using well-installed and durable machine parts. 

3. Multi-Species Slaughtering:

Our halal cattle abattoir equipment is used for the slaughtering of multi-species not only chicken. It is why Xinshunda stands out from the crowd and tries to give what is not offered by others. 

What Slaughtering Equipment is Delivered by Xinshunda?

We, as a leading halal chicken abattoir equipment manufacturer, are giving our best to deliver you a list of quality equipment that includes:

• stunning gun

• electrical head tongs

• knives

• Sharpening stone

• scabbard and belt for holding knives

• chocks or skinning rack (dressing cradle)

• Gambrel or metal pipe

• Scalding barrel or tank

• Bell scrapers

• Solid scraping table 

Top 05 Benefits of Using Slaughtering Equipment

1. They offer high automation and make work easier. 

2. Using slaughtering equipment makes your process of slaughtering fast and efficient. 

3. Modern slaughtering equipment might save you the labor cost, as it needs no manual operations. 

4. We know slaughtering is a rough process, but the use of equipment makes it safe and sound. 

5. The slaughtering machines are controlled by a computer, and all they require are few keys like soaking time, workforce guards, and the size of the partition.