About US


Zhucheng Xinshunda machinery co.,ltd. is the recognized slaughtering equipment manufacturer of china, having expertise in producing high-quality automatic slaughtering equipment. We are located at the Long Du Industrial Park, Long Du Sub-district Office, Zhucheng City, Weifang City of Shandong Province. Having 15 years of expertise in our belt, we have become a leader in slaughtering machines. We are a team of well-skilled professionals that makes highly efficient halal abattoir equipment catering to all international standards. We are proud that our customers have full faith in the reliability of our equipment. We also offer professional poultry equipment for all businesses, which eventually serves labor costs reduction and speedy operation. Besides the high quality of our equipment, we are also well-renowned internationally for our services and economical rates. We never delay our shipments and take all the best measures to satisfy our customers.