Poultry Processing Equipment

Meet the Professional Poultry Processing Equipment Manufacturer 

Zhucheng Xinshunda machinery co. Ltd is a registered slaughter equipment manufacturing company in China, containing extensive experience as a professional poultry processing Equipment manufacturer. Being in the poultry equipment business for more than a decade, we take pride in being recognized as the top-notch equipment manufacturer in China. We sell different types of slaughtering equipment, such as poultry skin removing machines, basket cleaning machines, duck slaughtering machines, automatic water spray machines, heating stirring sandwich pot machines, and gizzard yellow skin peeling machines. We use the latest machines for slaughtering, which not only reduces the work cost and the workmen force. We provide services on a day-to-day basis catering to the demands provided by buyers. 

Get Highly Efficient Machines From The Professional Poultry Processing Equipment Supplier

At Xinshunda, we manufacture machines to fulfill all poultry slaughtering-related functions. Our equipment including, poultry skin removing machines to duck slaughtering machines, are all well-maintained and work efficiently. These machines greatly ease the work at slaughterhouses. The works like chicken-house manure removal, feeding, and egg-collection automatically, and our efficient equipment performs removal of blood and biowaste. We offer exceptional discounted rates for our regular importers and buyers. Not only that, we sell these machines at wholesale rates, providing rates at far less low prices than the market. 

Why Choose Us?

We understand how messy things can get at slaughterhouses. We also know that slaughterhouses are not an easy place to be for the butchers as well. This is why we make machines that take away all the distress altogether. Our slaughtering equipment is designed in a way to perform at maximum capacity. Our wide range of equipment eases the slaughtering experience by letting machines do all the work and saving animals and butchers the stress.

Moreover, we offer wholesale rates and excellent discounted prices for our perpetual buyers. We also guarantee to provide safe and intact shipment at the earliest. As far as the payment methods are concerned, we provide a couple of payment options, so our buyers do not have to worry about anything.