Factroy price Horizontal poultry gizzards degreasing machine poultry slaughter machine
  •  Factroy price Horizontal poultry gizzards degreasing machine poultry slaughter machine
  •  Factroy price Horizontal poultry gizzards degreasing machine poultry slaughter machine
  •  Factroy price Horizontal poultry gizzards degreasing machine poultry slaughter machine

Factroy Price Horizontal Poultry Gizzards Degreasing Machine Poultry Slaughter Machine

MOQ 1 Set Port Qingdao Packaging Standard export plywood case packaging for small machine ,for huge machine will be nude package. Lead Time 15-20 days after get deposit




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1. Product features: 

This machine is used to degrease the chicken and duck gizzards' surface grease, It make the chicken (duck) gizzards rotate in the cylinder to finish the degreasing job


2.  Technical parameters:




Work capacity:

4 00kg/hour

Outline Dimensions


3. Detail show of this machine:

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4. Advantages of this machine:

1. This machine is made out of stainless steel material, clean and nice.

2. The performance is reliable, using is easy, defect rate is low ,high efficiency.

3. The rubber finger is specially used for food machinery,  Non-toxic and tasteless, clean and hygienic.


5.Basic structure and working principle:

This machine is mainly composed of machine frame, cylinder, discs, transmission parts and so on, this machine is driven by a direct-connect reducer to make the discs rotating, so the chicken gizzards can spiral move between the discs’ rubber fingers and cylinder’s rubber fingers to remove the gizzards’ grease accordingly.


6. How to use this machine:

1. Firstly, Place the equipment on a solid ground and fix it according to the actual needs of production.

2. Connect the power of 380V to observe whether the motor is abnormal and if the rotating direction is correct or not(Looking down from top it should be clockwise ) ,otherwise the wire should be re-connected.

3. When everything is working properly, you can start to work.First, turn off the power supply and put the chicken gizzard in the cylinder (the gizzards quantity to reach 2/3 of the volume of the cylinder), then turn on the power supply, and turn on the flushing switch to start the degreasing work. Keep in mind that when working, the operator is strictly forbidden to put his hands into the cylinder to avoid any accidents!

4. Generally the degreasing job need about 40 seconds ,User can control the time based on their real production need. When finish degreasing, turn off the flush switch, open the discharge outlet (note: at this point the discharge outlet cannot be opened entirely, can only open by about 45 °), the chicken gizzard will be thrown out via discharge outlet from the cylinder automatically.

5. After the work is finished, the waste material inside and outside of the machine should be cleaned with water to make it easy for next run of work.





7.Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard export plywood case packaging for small machine ,for huge machine will be nude package.

Delivery Time

Shipped in 20- 30 days after payment if no stock ,if machine is available ,we will ship it out within 7 days 

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8. A general introduction of the line, it is only for your kindly reference .

  The Chicken Slaughtering Line is consist of electrical stunning, manual killing, automatic scalding and plucking, semi-automatic evisceration (manual evisceration on conveying line or manual evisceration on the stainless steel table based on customer’s need), automatic pre-chilling, semi-automation dewatering, by-products processing and packing processing.

Below is a simple sheet for your kindly reference:



Killing conveyor line

Chicken will be processed on this rail, it is main part for the main slaughter plant Production line.

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The distance of hangers is 8inch.

Stainless steel chain, guide rails, stainless steel hooks, nylon hanger


Electric  stunning  machine

fiberglass reinforced plastic 

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reliable and  stable electrical devices



Scalding machine

This machine is used to scald the carcass of the chicken to remove the feather easily;

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Thickness of Board: 2mm,Upper Cover Thickness :1.2mm,Supporting Leg Thickness:2mm.

Water temperature is between 58C° -61C°

use blower system and the the motor take water to form water falls to hold the chicken body  to have best scalding results.



A Frame refined Plucker

This plucker is dedicated device for chickens ,there are 4 main parts: Depilation, regulation section, guide part, spray part.

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Principal part is stainless steel

Shape Size:3350*2350*2350 or customized

De-feather Machine consists of six boxes .Each line has 12 plates .Total 6 lines with72plates.


Automatic cut head machine

this equipment use to automatically cut the chicken head on production line

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Principal part is stainless steel 


Automatic cut claw machine

this equipment use to automatically cut the chicken feet on production line

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Principal part is stainless steel

this equipment use dedicated accurate chuck location and have very good claw cutting effect


Unloading claws device

this equipment will be automatically  take off the chicken feet from production line

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All body is stainless steel 


Driving device

This machine is to run the whole hanging rail


including: motor , reducer , brackets and other drive components

Power:2.2KW  By inverter power, run more smoothly.


Frequency converter

Frequency Controlling Box.

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Stainless steel Box


Tension device 

To control the tightness of chain of production line to meet  production requirements

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Stainless steel structure


Spiral precooling machine

This device can replace the previous precooling line to precool the chicken carcass

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This machine used to low down the temperature of carcass to keep the carcass good-looking and keep fresh in the forward process.The Thickness of the tank made of 3 mm stainless steel

Spiral Pushing Device is made by 2mm thick stainless steel.

Power 5.2kw/set

One  set of Fan to make bubbles in the water in the tank efficiently so that improve cooling result and clean the carcass too

Buyer also need To Prepare cold  Water or a set of ice machine,

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T/T,please arrange pay us 30% as deposit to begin the bulk production,and for balance ,you can pay us after your final inspection and before we book vessel for you.

10.Delivery time:

We will deliver within 20-30 working days after receiving deposit payment.

11.Warranty period:

All our machine is with one year warranty. Within warranty time . Machine breaking caused by machine itself design defect , we are responsible for it .we can provided free charge of breaking part, .If machine 

breaking caused by human factor , user need take responsibility for it , we will provided technical support .

After one year warranty, we will provide spare parts with reasonable cost.


12.After-sales Service:

1. Before deliver the machine, we will test and adjust everything properly.
2. Once all is done, we will contact customer to make final inspection to our factory ,if customer not available ,we will make detailed picture for customer to confirm for delivery.
3. Working manual will be provided with the machine, so that clients can use our machine without difficulty.
4. Any problems occur while using, we will provide profession advice and technical support ASAP.
5. Spare parts of the machine is provide whole serving life with reasonable price.


13.Our clients :

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14. About Usl try slaughter line and supply single function poultry slaughter machines ,we can also supply supporting food equipment’s for poultry abattoir such as the vacuum packaging machine and sterilization retort and so on,If any need for our machines or any questions for our machine, pls kindly contact me as below :

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