High efficiency fish smoking oven/meat smoker/sausage smokehouse
  •  High efficiency fish smoking oven/meat smoker/sausage smokehouse

High Efficiency Fish Smoking Oven/meat Smoker/sausage Smokehouse

MOQ 1 Set Port Qingdao Packaging Standard export plywood case packaging for small machine ,for huge machine will be nude package. Lead Time 15-20 days after get depo


Meat smoking oven

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1. Short introduction

The whole machine is adopted stainless steel material which comply with food hygiene and safety standards. It can be used for sausage, ham, roast chicken, smoked fish, roast duck and such poultry and aquatic products, it can finish cooking, drying, coloring and shaping by once ,The smoke generator has been modified, smoking quality has been greatly improved, settling the problem of coloring slowly, smoking time long problems and greatly increase the production rate and efficiency.

The electronic control part adopts advanced man-machine interface and programmable controller, which can control and monitor each process automatically. Running is stable and operation is easy, waterproof property is good, through the man-machine interface, each processing step can be known at any time, and can be displayed at any time the programming set value and the actual value, the display of values including relative humidity, box temperature, processing time, procedures and procedures steps, error information and so on.


2. Main technical parameter



Outline size(mm)

Working room size (mm)

Cart size (mm)

Total power


Layers numbers


internal fuming









External fuming







internal fuming









External fuming







External fuming








External fuming








External fuming








External fuming








External fuming








External fuming








3. Detail show of this machine:

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4. Components of this machine:

This machine is mainly composed of three parts: furnace body, control box and smoking room.

1. Furnace body:

The furnace body is the place for fumigating, coloring, cooking and drying. There is a impeller on the upper part. The role of the impeller is to diffuse the hot gas and smoke sucked up under the drive of axial flow motor to achieve uniform effect. Electric heating tubes are on both sides, the heating speed is fast and heating is even. A temperature probe is used to measure the temperature in the furnace to help us determine the maturation status of the product. There are independent funnels on both sides of the furnace, the upper part is provided with an air outlet and smoke outlet, there is a special steam convection outlet on the side, the purpose is to ensure the furnace temperature and smoke even and with the same effect to avoid up and down temperature  inconsistent and smoke color inconsistent problems. The bottom of the furnace is provided with a drainage outlet to remove the water droplets formed when the steam condenses in cold. The furnace body adopts 8mm thick toughened glass with special explosion-proof film to make big glass window (stainless steel door is used for model 150 and above), which can clearly observe the processing of products in the furnace and timely eliminate any emergencies, safe and reliable.

2. Control box:

The fumigation furnace adopts PLC control panel, which can set the time and temperature of drying and smoking and the working time of the electric heating tube , there is also a shortcut key to control the smoke effect of the smoke room, the operation is simple and easy .
 3. Smoking room:

There are two ways for the smoking room to produce smokes. One is internal smoke in the way of cigarette case, the other is external smoke which is composed by the hopper and smoke room two parts, can control the smoking size and concentration, there is a convection valve on the side of the  smoking room which can control the speed of smoke. There is a mixing ruler in the hopper to mix the smoking materials more evenly. There is a feeding pan under the hopper. By adjusting the distance between the feeding pan and the funnel, the smoke concentration can be adjusted. In addition, there is a mixing ruler in the smoke room to evenly cover the smoke material on the electric heating tube, and the smoke volume can be controlled by adjusting the rotating speed of the mixing ruler. In addition, a filter plate is installed in the pipe connecting the smoke chamber and the furnace body, which can effectively prevent the smoke tar and small particles from entering the furnace body.  


5. The advantages of this machine:

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6. Functions of the smoking oven:

1. Cooking function:

A steam generator or a boiler needs to be externally connected. There are three ways of heating as electric heating, fuel gas heating and coal gas heating. The steam generated enters the furnace through the steam pipe to realize the cooking function of the product. Cooking: want to achieve cooking must be equipped with a steam generator or industrial boiler, 30-100 type can use the smoke oven steam generator ,more than 100 type ,cooking must be equipped with the boiler, the boiler can choose natural gas heating, coal gas heating. Cooking is enter the steam directly into the smoke furnace to realize the cooking function.


2.  Drying:

(1)Electric heating drying: electricity heats electric heating tube, Electric heating tube dissipates heat, the motor drives the axle flow fan to absorb the heat,and then throw the heat away by axial flow fan, the heats circulate in the whole furnace through the nozzle, so as to realize drying.

(2)Steam heating drying: steam heats the coiled tube (if there is no steam source ,the coiled tube doesn't make any sense),the coiled tube  dissipates heat, the motor drives the axle flow fan to absorb the heat, and then throw the heat away by axial flow fan, the heats circulate in the whole furnace through the nozzle, so as to realize drying (when the steam heats the coiled tube, it  will become the condensed water, the condensed water will flow out through drain valve).

3. External fuming:

External fuming process is like internal fuming, compared to the internal fuming, external fuming has the advantages of fuming bigger and smoke concentration can be freely controlled, And the smoke passes through the smoke flute through the action of blower, filtered before passing into the furnace, the content of  3, 4 - styrene acrylic in the smoke greatly reduced. When Salmon Conducts cold smoke, the temperature of the furnace under the drive of the compressor will be between 0- 30 , the smoke chamber generate smoke normally. Note: the smoked wood is usually beech, birch, oak, apple tree and so on, some areas will use rice bran, tea, etc., or use traditional Chinese medicine, dried orange peel and so on. And the high content of resin for pine, elm, peach tree and apricot tree can produce black smoke. Persimmon trees and mulberry trees produce strange odors, all these trees are not suitable as smoking wood.

4. Color:

During the Smoke process, the color will be on at the same time, if you want to smoke to light yellow color, please use sawdust with white sugar, if you want to smoke to brown color, please use sawdust with red sugar, the light or dark of the color can be determined by the sugar content. The more the darker! We can customize the smoke furnace according to customer's requirement, add or remove some part of the configuration. Any thoughts just let us know.


7. Application scope:


This machine is widely used in hotels, restaurants, canteens and other places of business or small middle big scale food processing enterprises.


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8. Cart to be chosen:


There are two kinds of carts ,One is tiled ,the other is hanging type, there will be one cart equipped with this machine free of charge ,you can choose based on your need, if more is needed ,please let us know , we will sell to you at factory price without any profit.

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9. Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard export plywood case packaging for small machine, for huge machine will be nude package.

Delivery Time Shipped in 20- 30 days after payment if no stock, if machine is available, we will ship it out within 7 days

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10. Payment:

T/Please arrange pay us 30% as deposit to begin the bulk production, and for balance, you can pay us after your final inspection and before we book vessel for you.

11. Delivery time:

We will deliver within 20-30 working days after receiving deposit payment.

12. Warranty period:

All our machine is with one year warranty. Within warranty time. Machine breaking caused by machine itself design defect, we are responsible for it .we can provided free charge of breaking part, .If machine 

Breaking caused by human factor, user need take responsibility for it , we will provided technical support .

After one year warranty, we will provide spare parts with reasonable cost.


13. After-sales Service:

1. Before deliver the machine, we will test and adjust everything properly.
2. Once all is done, we will contact customer to make final inspection to our factory ,if customer not available ,we will make detailed picture for customer to confirm for delivery.
3. Working manual will be provided with the machine, so that clients can use our machine without difficulty.
4. Any problems occur while using, we will provide profession advice and technical support ASAP.
5. Spare parts of the machine is provide whole serving life with reasonable price.


14. Our clients:

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15. Any need for our products please contact with me as below:

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